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the_source Episode 14 "MakerFaire 2011" Released

Here is my MakerFaire 2011 episode.  read more »

Maker Faire 2011 - May 21 and 22 - Nuff Said

the_source Episode 13 "SCaLE 9X" Released

If you missed SCaLE 9X you won't want to mis  read more »

the_source Episode 12 "Mini" Released

This is a mini episode from East Bay Mini Ma  read more »

What I Have Been Up To

It has been a while since I have been able to post so I thought a brief update was in order.  read more »

On The Move

A lot of you have been asking why there hasn't been any new episodes lately. I have a good excuse this time for not putting out more content. Three of them actually.  read more »

Mr. Trololo Soundboard For Android

I finally decided to bite the bullet and develop an application for Android.  read more »

the_source Episode 11 "Open Source Around The House" Released

Join me on a tour of my house as I show how I use open source software in nearly every room.  read more »

New Title Shot For "the_source"

I have been working on a new title shot for the show. Here is what it currently looks like. Let me know what you think.  read more »

the_source Episode 10 "Ohio Linuxfest 2009" Released

This episode includes interviews from Ohio Linuxfest 2009: 40 Years of Unix.  read more »

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