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Spotlighting the Top Open Source Crafting Tools - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
This article highlights versatile open source software that aids cross-stitching and knot design. The software featured here helps individuals create their own charts from scratch or generate charts from imported pictures. Good quality open source software in this field is very sparse, fortunately there are still a few real gems.
Categories: OS News

Year-in-Review: Business hot topics on - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Many of our best articles in 2013 covered open source projects and businesses, including open business models for heirarchy and modes of operations within the company structure as well as businesses built on and serving up open source software or hardware.
Categories: OS News

How to disable a particular AppArmor profile on Ubuntu - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
AppArmor, which is considered an alternative to SELinux, is the default application access control system of Ubuntu. Many Ubuntu packages (e.g., libvirt, MySQL) come with their corresponding AppArmor profiles which restrict the capabilities of programs to be installed. If you are suspecting that AppArmor is interfering with particular software, you can try disabling its AppArmor profile as part of troubleshooting. Here is how to disable a particular AppArmor profile.
Categories: OS News

Top 10 Open Source News Stories 2013 - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
From Ubuntu 13.10 to a surprise Microsoft Office 365 alternative, here are the 10 most read Open Source blogs and news stories from The VAR Guy in 2013. Hats off to Contributing Blogger Christopher Tozzi for most of this content.
Categories: OS News

OpenStack implementation issues could be a business opportunity - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
OpenStack is still a young project at three years old, and it's experiencing some growing pains. Those issues could represent a real opportunity to start a business built around OpenStack support.
Categories: OS News

5 top Linux and open source stories in 2013 - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Linux, open source software, and the open source method quietly grew stronger over all areas of computing during 2013.
Categories: OS News

Why Sony Is Using LLVM/Clang On The PlayStation 4 - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Sony is using LLVM/Clang as its CPU compiler as part of the development kit for targeting the PlayStation 4. Here's some more information on their reasoning for doing so and other details.
Categories: OS News

A Very Linux Christmas - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Since 2005, with the exception of last year, I have “worked” every Christmas day. I accentuate “worked” because I am lucky enough to have a job that feels more like a hobby than it does labor. I give computers to kids who cannot afford them. What’s not to like? I plan to work some of Christmas morning this year too.
Categories: OS News

Linux: Then and Now - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
In this short article we want to remind everyone how Linux evolved over two decades, thanks to an infographic posted by the Linux Foundation two years ago to mark the 20th anniversary of Linux.
Categories: OS News

Hope Seems Lost In Running OS X Binaries On Linux - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
In December of last year Phoronix was first to cover Project Darling, an open-source project that allows running Apple Mac OS X binaries on Linux-based systems. Sadly, the Darling Project appears to now be a memory of the past.
Categories: OS News

Open source scales from the individual to the enterprise - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Aseem Sharma got his first major exposure to open source in a large scale enterprise setting, but now he's helping businesses of all sizes make use of the open source software. Aseem is a great guy to ask about how to use open source software to learn and conduct research, too, as a frequent user of open source for scholarly work.
Categories: OS News

GNOME Software 3.11.3 Adds More Featured Apps - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
The GNOME Project has announced a few days ago that a new development release towards the stable GNOME Software 3.12 application for the GNOME desktop environment is available for download and testing, introducing two new features and lots of bugfixes.
Categories: OS News

Protect Your Ports with a Reverse Proxy - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
In a previous article, I discussed Apache Tomcat, which is the ideal way to run Java applications from your server. I explained that you can run those apps from Tomcat's default 8080 port, or you can configure Tomcat to use port 80. But, what if you want to run a traditional Web server and host Java apps on port 80? The answer is to run a reverse proxy.
Categories: OS News

LinuxDevices content returns to the Web - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
One of most widely respected repositories of embedded and mobile Linux news and information has returned to the web as an archive hosted here at QuinStreet acquired in Feb. 2012 through its purchase of a group of websites from publisher Ziff Davis Enterprise. After the acquisition, LinuxDevices remained frozen in time for about a year before vanishing in May, shortly after I launched Following a constructive discussion about possibilities for bringing the LinuxDevices content back online, QuinStreet generously offered to license LinuxGizmos to host the LinuxDevices Archive on our site, as a “holiday present to the Linux community.”
Categories: OS News

Install & configure Zimbra Open Source Mail Server on CentOS 6.X / RHEL 6.X - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Zimbra is a Free Email Server and Calendar & collaboration solution, built for the both public and private cloud . It is also considered an Exchange replacement.
Categories: OS News

News: Linux Top 3: Fedora Heisenbug, Sabayon 14.01 Adds Steam and Linux Mint 16 KDE - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Fedora 20 includes an improved Network Manager that can help enable a Software Defined Networking (SDN) environment. The Fedora 20 release includes the Linux 3.11.x kernel which support 2the Open vSwitch (OVS) virtual switch. Fedora 20 also includes a new LVM (Logical Volume Manager) thin provisioning capability. LVM is widely used tool in LInux for logical storage management.
Categories: OS News

Newegg “back on track” after beating patent troll at ITC - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Last month, troll-fighting online retailer Newegg suffered a stunning setback when it lost in court to TQP Development, a patent-holding company that claims to own the rights to basic Web encryption.This week the company has said it's "back on track" after getting a total win against a patent troll called Technology Properties Ltd., or TPL, at the International Trade Commission (ITC). Newegg was part of a coalition of tech companies that refused to settle, including Canon, HP, Seiko Epson, Kingston, and a Taiwanese company called HiTi Digital. The original complaint was filed against 21 companies, most of which have settled, just recently including Acer.
Categories: OS News

Linux 3.13 Kernel Development Will Be Dragged Out - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Linus Torvalds plans on extending the time until the Linux 3.13 kernel release officially happens. The final release will take place around mid-January.
Categories: OS News

Linux Developers Asked To Distance Themselves From RMS - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
A supposed Linux kernel developer has called upon Linus Torvalds and other kernel developers to take action against Richard Stallman and the GNU/Linux naming controversy.
Categories: OS News

Free DU Speed Booster app for Android - Tue, 2013-12-24 15:39
Speed up your Android phone and clean up unwanted files to free up storage space.
Categories: OS News

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