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ShopSavvy To The Rescue

ShopSavvy, the price comparison application, real  read more »

Testing TwitterFeed

These social networks are getting out of control.  read more »

Firefox 3.5 is Super Awesome!

Firefox 3.5 now supports native playing of ogg theora video files. This means you don't need to install any plugins to view them. Just click and enjoy!  read more »

FISL 10 is over .. WOW!

I am on my way back from FISL 10 in Porto Alegre, Brazil and what a great conference it was.  read more »

FISL 10!

Haven't had time to post in a while. Still have some video from SCALE to get out as well. What can I say. Work has got me tied up.  read more »

Project Kenai

If you have a new software project you are thinking about and need a place to put it you might want to think about Project Kenai.  read more »

Tethering the G1

I finally got around to setting up tethering via the G1. In fact, I am writing this post over the data connection on my G1 right now.  read more »

FLOSS Weekly Interview

SCaLE and Open Storage Conference

I will be attending SCaLE for the first time this weekend.  read more »


I just wanted to take a minute to direct people who have a Nokia Internet Tablet to the Panucci Audiobook and Podcast Player.  read more »

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