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ShopSavvy To The Rescue

ShopSavvy, the price comparison application, really saved me a bundle today. I was looking for a decent speaker system to hook up my N810 and/or G1 so I can be listening to something while getting dressed, taking a shower or whatever since I can't practically use my headphones in those situations. I went to a large chain retail store and was fully prepared to walk out of the store with a product if they had one in stock that I liked. After a few minutes of testing out the various models that they had on display I had two choices ...

  1. An alarm clock with auxiliary input and iPod dock from Memorex that sounded decent for $70 on sale.
  2. A JBL On Stage 200ID which sounded really good, but cost $150.

I couldn't justify the $150 so I decided to go with the cheaper option. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one on the shelf and the clerk in the store said they were out of stock not only in that store but three other stores within driving distance were sold out as well. I turned to go home, but then I remembered I had my G1 in my pocket. I scanned the barcode for option 1 and found that I could get it used for $36 online. "Great!" I thought. Then for a whim I decided to scan option 2 that I really wanted. BINGO! There was a slightly used one on Amazon for $50. After I hit my one-click link I had ordered it before I even left the isle I was standing in. That potential $100 savings pays for more than half of what I paid for the G1 on the day it came out. Thanks ShopSavvy! To see how the application works you can watch the video below.

To be fair to the retail store the price of $150 was comparable to what I would have paid for a NEW model at Amazon or other online store, but I wouldn't have had the used option. However, this isn't usually the case when I have tried this before. You can almost always find better deals online even when you take taxes and shipping into consideration. I did buy a few other commodity type items while I was there so they got something out of it, too.

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IOS 10

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iZombie Season 3

iZombie Season 3 will portray Liv gulping down the brain of a dominatrix. Therefore, we can expect the upcoming installment to be more engaging than the previous ones.

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