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Where is the second episode??? Ha Ha

Thanks for all your support after the release of our first episode!! It has been very busy for all of us for the last month or so. I got a new job and took a couple of weeks off and had a week of training, Brian was busy managing a political campain and Ben was very busy playing WoW :). Needless to say it has been hard to find time to work on the second episode. However, we are almost done with the filming and should have a new episode released in the next couple of weeks. The general focus for the episode will be ipod, ipod, ipod and FC5.

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I am also eagerly waiting

I am also eagerly waiting for the second episode; I have read your first episode which is very good and beautifully narrated by the writer of that episode. I even checked for the second episode in blog whether you have published in that blog like you people sometimes.

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