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Can Apple Please Market My Podcasts For Me?

iPhone mania has officially hit and I am astounded at how well Apple markets their products. If only the Apple marketers could promote my podcasts I am sure I would be up to one million listeners/viewers by now.

Listening to a few people who were crazy enough to buy one of these phones has reassured me that open source is the right way to go. Many problems have been reported and many of them could be fixed quickly in an open source world, but in the proprietary world you just have to wait. Wait for a firmware update to be released. Wait for real 3rd party apps to be able to be developed.

It must feel good to plunk down $600 for a device that does only some of what you want it to and not to have any recourse in the matter except to return it and hope you get your money back. I am embarrassed to say that in my own company some folks started an iPhone mailing list for all the fan boys. I could only reply with "Your kidding, right?". But apparently it was serious.

For my money, I would rather have a phone that is open from the get go. From everything I can see Open Moko is doing this right. If you haven't heard about them yet go check them out and get ready to buy one just as soon as their phone comes out. I can only hope that there are enough cool apps written for the phone when it comes out that I can impress all my iPhone toting co-workers. If there aren't any I can always go write my own :)

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