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Finally hacked my CVS Camcorder

I know this has been done ages ago, but I finally got around to hacking my CVS Camcorder. I bought one about a year ago and figured I could hack it and let the kids use (destroy) it if they wanted to. Then I ran into a stop since the original hack didn't work on the new firmware. So put it aside for a while. Well today I picked it back up and had it hacked in less than 30 minutes. You can find the instructions I used here ... Here is what it looks like. I used one end of a $1 (Dollar Store) USB extension cable to connect to the camera and I hot glued the other end to the top of the camera to keep the cord out of the way when not in use. And here is a test vid.
CVS Camcorder from thesourceshow on Vimeo.

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Need to complete the hack accurate

I had my camcorder for a year or so at the present and I simply need to complete the hack accurate. The firmware is 53.12, has anybody at any point benefited this or is there in any way controls on it . I figured out how to put in a rechargeable battery and the USB port, it charges through USB. I can't find the software to exertion!

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CVS one utilize camcorders

I have seen a great deal of camcorders by pure digital and dxg for . Is it accurate to say that they are any great what sort of issues do they have? Does anybody know where to acquire the CVS one utilize camcorders?

That is very cool you have

That is very cool you have done very hard work to hack your own CVS camcorder. I was still in confusion from reading your article in essay blog in that you have said you yourself has hacked your own camcorder why is that for you to do that thing when that CVS camcorder belongs to you.

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