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Where is the second episode??? Ha Ha

Thanks for all your support after the release of our first episode!! It has been very busy for all of us for the last month or so. I got a new job and took a couple of weeks off and had a week of training, Brian was busy managing a political campain and Ben was very busy playing WoW :). Needless to say it has been hard to find time to work on the second episode. However, we are almost done with the filming and should have a new episode released in the next couple of weeks. The general focus for the episode will be ipod, ipod, ipod and FC5.

It's Out! It's Out! Get It Before Someone Notices!

Our first episode is finally out!  read more »

Where is the first episode???

Open Source enthusiasts take heart. We have had some delays, but the the filming is finished and only a few days of editing stands in the way of you and the first episode of the_source. We are shooting for a March 1st release date. The first episode will contain some news and discussion about the show in general, as well as an in-depth review and demo of QEMU. ...

Favorite Desktop

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Total votes: 297

Linux Running On My iPod Nano

After a few unsuccessfull attempts to install Linux on my iPod Nano, I now have it working without any issues. Check out for complete instructions. A good working knowledge of filesystems is helpful. This will have to be a segment in the first episode of the show. Try it today and impress all your friends at work when you show them Doom running on your tiny Nano.
...  read more »

Feeds And iTunes

The feeds have been created. You can access them on the right side of the page.

Cheesy Test Video And Setup Info

We have spent a lot of time working on the video editing process and here is the first fruit of our efforts.


For now the setup will be using what we have available. It's not ideal but it works. We will be capturing video from  read more »

Show Music!

We finally decided on the music for the show. Check it out on the "About Us" page.


There is no show yet, but I thought I would setup a Frappr map anyway since it is pretty cool. Check it out and let us know where you live.

Aaron's New IPod Nano Case

I got an IPod Nano last week. Yes, it rocks (literally). The first thing I tried was to load GeexBox on it. No luck ... yet :). I can confirm that all the stories about how easy it scratches are true. I think this is amplified by the fact that it's so small. When your display is only 1 inch x 1 inch the smallest scratch is going to look huge. Anyway, it was clear that I needed to have a case for it. I checked out the wares in some of the chain stores, but I couldn't find anything I liked for less than $40. After looking around online a bit I saw this on hackaday and I had to give it a try. ...  read more »

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