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Another Interview On FLOSS Weekly (Cinelerra)

I will be on FLOSS Weekly again. This time I am talking about Cinelerra which is the video editor I use for the show.  read more »

Project Kenai

If you have a new software project you are thinking about and need a place to put it you might want to think about Project Kenai.  read more »

Special Source 6 Released

Another interview from OLF. This time I talk with Jon "Maddog" Hall  read more »

Tethering the G1

I finally got around to setting up tethering via the G1. In fact, I am writing this post over the data connection on my G1 right now.  read more »

FLOSS Weekly Interview

SCaLE and Open Storage Conference

I will be attending SCaLE for the first time this weekend.  read more »

Special Source 5 Released

On this special edition of the_source I interview Jono Bacon (Ubuntu Community Manager) about the demise of Lugradio, Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex and his musical pursuits.  read more »

Special Source 4 Released

On this special edition of The_Source I interview Elizabeth Garbee from Ohio Linuxfest 2008. She talks about using Open Source as a teenager. This is part 1 of 3 from Ohio Linuxfest.  read more »


I just wanted to take a minute to direct people who have a Nokia Internet Tablet to the Panucci Audiobook and Podcast Player.  read more »

Happy Day - 64bit Version Of Flash For Linux and Solaris

Adobe finally released an alpha version of a 64bit version of their Flash Player for  read more »

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