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ffmpeg commands from Episode 3 Cinelerra Tutorial #4

Here are the commands I am currently using when I transcode my episodes into the various media formats.  read more »

Episode 3 - "Revenge Of Cinelerra" - April 13, 2008

A new episode is out!  read more »

Welcome Lumiera!

CinelerraCV (the community developed version of Cinelerra) has announced that the new video editor they are working on will be called "Lumiera".  read more »

Parts List

Here is my current parts list. I will update it if I purchase anything new as I go through the build process.


Circular Saw Jigsaw Sanding Block Drill #6 Countersink Drill Bit  read more »

Cabinet Plans And Links

So the previous image is the design or look and feel that I am going for. However, I need a good set of construction plans to use.  read more »

First Post For My New Project

I am starting a new project today and I thought I would put it in a separate blog so it can be easily distinguished from my other posts. I am making an Arcade Cabinet!  read more »

My Sister Is A Hero!

When I was a kid my sister always seemed to be able to talk me into doing things.  read more »

Sun Buys Innotek

Sun Microsystems announced today that they are buying Innotek. You can read the announcement here.  read more »

Next Version Of CinelerraCV a "Work In Progress"

There is a lot of activity going on in the CinelerraCV mailing list these days about the next version of Cinelerra.  read more »

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