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The End Of Open News??

Head over here and tell me if I should stop producing Open News.

Compiz Fusion On Fedora 8

As you may already know I run Fedora on my desktop machine where I do all my editing (I am running Ubuntu and OpenSolaris on my laptop).  read more »

Call Me!

You may have noticed the call me button in the right column. It's not an ad, but a way to call me and/or leave a message for the show.  read more »

New Theme

Finally a new theme for the site. I was just getting sick of the old one. It was only meant to be temporary from the beginning, but once the show got started there was never time to change it.  read more »

Special Source 3 - "SUNday Bloody SUNday" - November 5, 2007

Yet another special edition of the source. We will get back to normal episodes soon, but in the mean time  read more »

Cinelerra On Ubuntu Studio

In case you missed it Rui Lopes posted some instructions on for installing Cinelerra on Ubuntu Studio.  read more »

Special Source 2 - "The Ohio Linuxfest 2007" - October 10, 2007

In this special episode of the_source I go to the Ohio Linuxfest and get interviews with Jon "Maddog" Hall, Max Spevack of the Fedora Project and a demo of t  read more »

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Total votes: 264

The $20 Uber Charcoal Chimney

What's the deal with these wimpy charcoal chimneys you can buy at most hardware or grocery stores these days? Who are these people cooking for?  read more »

Installing A New Printer. Windows vs. Linux

OK. This is just ridiculous. I buy a new printer the other day. HP C6180. It's a pretty nice printer. All in one deal.  read more »

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