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A Couple Of Things

Here are a couple of things I have been wanting to pass on for a while. First off is Code Monkey. This is for all those programmers out there that get the shaft most of the time. It was written last year by Jonathan Coulton and sums it up pretty nicely. I get a kick out of it every time I listen to it. You can check out the blog post and audio version here or see below for a nice video that someone put together with the Black Heaven anime series.  read more »

Can Apple Please Market My Podcasts For Me?

iPhone mania has officially hit and I am astounded at how well Apple markets their products. If only the Apple marketers could promote my podcasts I am sure I would be up to one million listeners/viewers by now.  read more »

Episode 2 - "Attack Of The Elephants (Dream)" Released ... Finally

We finally got around to releasing another episode. This time we talk to Bassam Kurdali of the blender project and we have the much anticipated Cinelerra tutorial #3 in which we discuss how to do video effects.  read more »

Episode 2 is on the way!

OK. You can stop holding your breath. jk. Episode 2 (our 5th regular episode) is nearly finished and should be out shortly.

Jobs And Gates Together - What A Waste

I recently took the time to watch Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sit together for an interview at the D conference. You can watch it here. It was all very nice and cordial and at the end they had some very nice things to say about each other. You really get the feeling from the interview that although the two companies compete heavily with each other, on a personal level these two guys really don't hate each other (anymore). In fact, I think they rather truly admire the work that the other has led over the past 25 years.  read more »

I Vote For Ubuntu On Dell

I was thinking in the shower the other day (don't ask me why there of all places) that Dell may very well pick Ubuntu to run on their desktop and laptop computers.  read more »

ZFS Now Included In BSD

Hopefully, you have all seen our segment in Episode 1 about ZFS. It was mentioned that ZFS was being ported to Linux and BSD. Well the BSD port is the first to become official. You can read the announcement here.  read more »

Back In Business

Well the new workstation has been up and running now for a few days and everything is working great.  read more »

My Bosses, Bosses, Bosses, Bosses Boss.

The president and CEO of the company I work for definitely has "The Schwartz" (if you don't understand this joke go watch the movie "Spaceballs").  read more »

ARGH! Me Workstation Is Sunk, Matey.

OK. This sucks. After the two day power outage it appears that my workstation is fried. Or at least the motherboard is. So, I am off to NewEgg to get some parts to build a new one :) This time I think I will splurg a little and build a kick ass system. Here is what it appears that I can afford. AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 Windsor 2.8GHz Socket AM2 Dual Core Processor Model ADAFX62IAA6CS - OEM  read more »

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