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Massive Power Outage Takes Down the_source And Open News

Sorry everyone! The power just came back online literally 10 minutes ago. There were large scale power outages in our area due to an ice storm that passed though on Tuesday. Over 120,000 customers in our area were affected including our server.  read more »

Announcing A New Podcast

Here is the news you have been waiting for. We decided to try our hand at audio podcasting with a brand new podcast called Open News. It is intended to be a weekly open source news podcast delivering all the top open source headlines from the previous week.  read more »

Something Exciting In The Works

Keep watching the site for some exciting news in the next few days. I am not prepared to say what it is just yet, but I think you will like it.

Which Superhero Are You?

For all those comic book fans out there you might be interested in this. Jeff Baker and Alex Graham have come up with a quiz that will tell you which super hero you are most like.  read more »

Episode 1 - "The Filesystem Menace" Released

That's right. We figure if George Lucas can do it so can we. Some of the footage is kind of old, but it was still good so we used it anyway. There is an interview with the developers of the ZFS filesystem and another cinelerra tutorial. If you are just interested in the ZFS stuff, the audio version is probably OK. Otherwise enjoy the video versions.

What should Aaron do with his old AMD 500mhz server?

16% (45 votes)
24% (67 votes)
17% (47 votes)
MAME Console
14% (39 votes)
TOR Server
24% (66 votes)
Other (leave comment)
5% (15 votes)
Total votes: 279

Next Episode Coming Soon

Have no fear. The next episode of the_source will soon be here. We are almost done editing and hopefully will have it out in the next week or so.

Aaron's Interview on The Linux Link Tech Show

Don't miss Aaron's interview tonight on The Linux Link Tech Show. You can listen live at 8:30pm by going to or you can listen to the recorded version an  read more »

Sun's Big Mashup

Sun launched an interesting feature on it's home page today about the way the internet is changing the way we view media. It also includes a link to Snapp Radio which combines music from or Radio Paradise mashed up with images from Flickr for a slideshow tailored to your tunes.  read more »

Open Source Gift Guide

MAKE magazine has published a guide to giving gifts related to open source. If you are wondering what to get the open source enthusiast in your life for Christmas this year, look no further.  read more »

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