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I just wanted to take a minute to direct people who have a Nokia Internet Tablet to the Panucci Audiobook and Podcast Player.  read more »

Shasta Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard N810

I thought I would share some pics of a bluetooth keyboard I got today for my N810. It works pretty well. Perhaps I will do a tutorial on how to get it setup in the near future.  read more »

Cowon D2 For Sale

Well, all the tests with the N810 so far have been successful. As a result I am selling my Cowon D2 PMP. It is a great little player that I have enjoyed using over the past year or so.  read more »

What I Have Done So Far With My N810

Well I got my Nokia N810 yesterday and here is what I have done with it/to it so far ...

Powered it on right out of the box

 read more »

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