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If you liked the fake commercial from Episode 7 you can now enjoy it as much as you like without having to watch the whole episode.  read more »

Episode 7 - "Virtualbox" Is Released

Check out the all new episode with a tutorial on Virtualbox and a special remake of a famous commercial that those of us that are 30+ will remember.  read more »

ffmpeg commands from Episode 3 Cinelerra Tutorial #4

Here are the commands I am currently using when I transcode my episodes into the various media formats.  read more »

Episode 3 - "Revenge Of Cinelerra" - April 13, 2008

A new episode is out!  read more »

Special Source 3 - "SUNday Bloody SUNday" - November 5, 2007

Yet another special edition of the source. We will get back to normal episodes soon, but in the mean time  read more »

Special Source 2 - "The Ohio Linuxfest 2007" - October 10, 2007

In this special episode of the_source I go to the Ohio Linuxfest and get interviews with Jon "Maddog" Hall, Max Spevack of the Fedora Project and a demo of t  read more »

Episode 2 - "Attack Of The Elephants (Dream)" Released ... Finally

We finally got around to releasing another episode. This time we talk to Bassam Kurdali of the blender project and we have the much anticipated Cinelerra tutorial #3 in which we discuss how to do video effects.  read more »

Episode 2 is on the way!

OK. You can stop holding your breath. jk. Episode 2 (our 5th regular episode) is nearly finished and should be out shortly.

Episode 6 - "The Return Of The Pixel" - August 10, 2006

Episode 6 is ready for consumption. We have a really interesting interview with Helmar Rudolph of the QUNU project. We are also starting a series of tutorials on Cinelerra.  read more »

Episode 5 - "The (Apple) Empire Strikes Back" 01:30:27

A brand new episode is out. You can download it over at the Episodes page.  read more »

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