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Episode 14 - "MakerFaire 2011"

July 06, 2011

Here is my MakerFaire 2011 episode. It's full of interviews with some of the biggest exhibitors as well as people who run the event itself. There are even a few special appearances by some movie and TV personalities you may recognize. If you didn't attend MakerFaire this year this is your chance to check it out. If you did attend why not re-live the excitement and learn about your favorite exhibits!

  • MP4 - 135MB (Best Quality)
  • Theora - 247MB
  • Xvid - 148MB (Nokia Compatible)


Episode 13 - "SCaLE 9X"

March 15, 2011

If you missed SCaLE 9X you won't want to miss this episode! Interviews with Leigh Honeywell (Hackerspaces), Jane Silber (Canonical), Orv Beach (SCaLE), Donald Burr (SCaLE), as well as, Lightning Interviews from the expo floor. Check out all the things you missed or relive the conference all over again.

  • MP4 - 221MB (Best Quality)
  • Theora - 174MB
  • Xvid - 244MB (Nokia Compatible)


Episode 12 - "Mini"

November 09, 2010

This is a mini episode from East Bay Mini Maker Faire. I take a look at a couple of exhibits from this years rainy event in Oakland, CA. I talk to a few guys who went all out to build the ultimate gaming chair. Then I learn how to decorate eggs the geeky way.

  • MP4 - 20MB (Best Quality)
  • Theora - 23MB
  • Xvid - 22MB (Nokia Compatible)


Episode 11 - "Open Source Around The House"

March 15, 2010

Join me on a tour of my house as I show how I use open source software in nearly every room. This episode also is the first to use my new intro. This episode is NOT sponsored by the Apple iPad.

  • MP4 - 67MB (Best Quality)
  • Theora - 170MB
  • Xvid - 79MB (Nokia Compatible)

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Episode 10 - "Ohio Linuxfest 2009"

October 21, 2009

Interviews from Ohio Linuxfest 2009: 40 Years of Unix.

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