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Meanwhile, At The Hall Of Justice ... In Cincinnati ...

I was a big fan of the Super Friends cartoon when I was a kid. Little did I know that I would someday be regularly taking my kids into the building that was the model for the Hall Of Justice.  read more »

Firefox 3.5 is Super Awesome!

Firefox 3.5 now supports native playing of ogg theora video files. This means you don't need to install any plugins to view them. Just click and enjoy!  read more »

Converting Videos For The Android T-Mobile G1 Phone With Linux

I got my G1 this week and I must say I am impressed. There are a few things I don't like, but I will save those for an upcoming podcast where I review the phone.  read more »

Ubuntu Hard Drive Logos

After I installed Ubuntu Hardy on my desktop and booted back into my Windows partition I noticed something different about the icon for one of my hard drives.  read more »

What Should I Do With My Nokia N810?

So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Nokia N810. As much as I would like to hold out until Nokia puts a phone into this device I just couldn't wait any longer.  read more »

Go Go Google Gadgets -or- My BAAC

After seeing that Google Gadgets was now available for Linux I thought I would give it a try.  read more »

Finally hacked my CVS Camcorder

I know this has been done ages ago, but I finally got around to hacking my CVS Camcorder.  read more »

Projects Page

Here is a list of projects I am working on.  read more »

Compiz Fusion On Fedora 8

As you may already know I run Fedora on my desktop machine where I do all my editing (I am running Ubuntu and OpenSolaris on my laptop).  read more »

Call Me!

You may have noticed the call me button in the right column. It's not an ad, but a way to call me and/or leave a message for the show.  read more »

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