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The $20 Uber Charcoal Chimney

What's the deal with these wimpy charcoal chimneys you can buy at most hardware or grocery stores these days? Who are these people cooking for?  read more »

A Couple Of Things

Here are a couple of things I have been wanting to pass on for a while. First off is Code Monkey. This is for all those programmers out there that get the shaft most of the time. It was written last year by Jonathan Coulton and sums it up pretty nicely. I get a kick out of it every time I listen to it. You can check out the blog post and audio version here or see below for a nice video that someone put together with the Black Heaven anime series.  read more »

Which Superhero Are You?

For all those comic book fans out there you might be interested in this. Jeff Baker and Alex Graham have come up with a quiz that will tell you which super hero you are most like.  read more »

How To Capture High Resolution Screen Shots In Linux

Have you ever needed to capture a screen shot of something in Linux and 72dpi was not high enough resolution.  read more »

LG the V: Watching video on the LG VX9800

I have been wanting a new cell phone for a while now. My old Sony Ericsson T610 was a great phone and did everything I needed, but it lacked a music/video player and the connections were wearing out.  read more »

Linux guide to installing iPodLinux and iDoom

As promised, here is a step by step guide to installing iPodLinux on an iPod Nano from a linux based PC. We will also show you how to load iDoom. For more details and instructions for other installation methods head over to ...  read more »

That's Odd

It is always odd to find pictures of yourself on google. Here is one of me picking out my raffle prize at last year's Ohio LinuxFest.

Linux Running On My iPod Nano

After a few unsuccessfull attempts to install Linux on my iPod Nano, I now have it working without any issues. Check out for complete instructions. A good working knowledge of filesystems is helpful. This will have to be a segment in the first episode of the show. Try it today and impress all your friends at work when you show them Doom running on your tiny Nano.
...  read more »

Aaron's New IPod Nano Case

I got an IPod Nano last week. Yes, it rocks (literally). The first thing I tried was to load GeexBox on it. No luck ... yet :). I can confirm that all the stories about how easy it scratches are true. I think this is amplified by the fact that it's so small. When your display is only 1 inch x 1 inch the smallest scratch is going to look huge. Anyway, it was clear that I needed to have a case for it. I checked out the wares in some of the chain stores, but I couldn't find anything I liked for less than $40. After looking around online a bit I saw this on hackaday and I had to give it a try. ...  read more »

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